Handouts for EVSC 4270

I try to put copies of any and all handouts, slides, etc. in this location. Note that this is an ever-ongoing effort - I will add materials as I have time and resources.Most of the handouts (which of course are no longer handed out) are here, and I am adding photographic images as I have the opportunity.  The materials are in generally chronological order, although I may not have gotten it 100%correct.



Density, porosity

Soil Horizonization & Soil Formation

Weathering and Soil Formation

Jenny's state factors, etc

Soil Water

Soil Colloids - Mineral Weathering - Clay Mineralogy

Soil Taxonomy

Soil Organic Matter & Carbon Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle

Phosphorus and Potassium

Fertilizers and Lime

Soil Erosion