EVSC 5230    Microbial Ecology   Spring 2012


This page will contain links to handouts, etc. that are referred to in class. Most of the "overheads" will be placed here.  Items will be in the approximate order that they are used, or referred to, in class, and titles, etc. should be adequately descriptive to allow you to find the material you need.  A large number of the pages are Adobe PDF files, indicated as PDF. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to www.adobe.com to obtain a free copy.

SUPPLEMENTAL PAPERS  I have placed a series of papers on this page. Some are required, some are not. Because several of the papers are protected by copyright, this page is closed to all except those within the .virginia.edu domain. If you are reading this page from home, and you are a member of the UVa community, go here to learn how to establish a proxy server setting or to use UVA Anywhere to allow access to the materials from off-grounds.

Introductory Material



Microbes in the Environment

Molecular Approaches to Microbial Ecology (note: these pages are links off this site)

Carbon Cycle

Nitrogen Cycle

Public Health


Other Useful Links (things may just appear here as I find neat sites, tools, etc. for you to use.)